Is Sriracha Hot Sauce Gluten Free?

Sriracha is a popular hot chili sauce created by Huy Fong Foods, Inc. used for adding flavor and spice.

Many people enjoy the sauce with their meals and that is why we decided to answer the question:

Is Sriracha Gluten Free?

The answer is: YES


The products contain no ingredients related to wheat/gluten and the vinegar used in the Sriracha Recipe is also gluten free! If you are Celiac or gluten intolerant, Sriracha is safe for you to eat. Read more on Huy Fong Foods.

Though, be warned the sauce is quite hot and may cause other digestive discomfort if you have a weak stomach. Regardless, you will be safe from any gluten related problems.

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6 thoughts on “Is Sriracha Hot Sauce Gluten Free?”

    • Yes!! Me have felt awful all week! There may be no ingredients that seem gluten free but there’s definitely something there!!

      Anyone have a reaction to paprika??

  1. There are many brands of sriracha. The question “is sriracha gluten free”
    the answer
    “maybe, some brands eg huy fong may be gluten free.” please be more careful. People can get hurt by careless info. Thanks

  2. Unless you have celiac disease, there is NO reason to be gluten free. It’s a dietary fad. You freaking people are a bunch of sissies & need to stop being so damn sensitive. Go find your safe space & shut the hell up.

    • I have celiac and I have been hurt by so many people playing into the fad “gluten free” diet because they think it makes them avoid carbs or something. It has helped the past few years that there are more gf options but I agree that if you aren’t celiac, going to a restaurant and being halfway picky about gluten free options makes servers more cavalier about it, and then they will tell me something is “gluten free” when its say, Been in a shared fryer or has soy sauce or uses a thickener with gluten that non celiacs don’t seem to mind. There really is no “gluten sensitivity”. Now – people can eat what they want. My husband is picky as shit. But don’t tell anyone that it’s any sort of sensitivity or celiac when it’s not. It’s okay to have a preference, but mention that it’s your preference to not eat whatever – gluten, anchovies, lactose etc. just please don’t use the terms “sensitivity” or “allergy” unless you’re actually allergic.

  3. Hi Dan. Non celiac gluten sensitivity which results in being stuck on the toilet crapping your guts out 8 + per day makes anyone desperate for gluten free options. I’d love to be able to eat whatever I wanted.


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