Is Bud Light Seltzer Gluten Free?

Bud Light recently released their answer to the seltzer craze with their official Bud Light Seltzers. Currently available in four select flavors, this alcoholic seltzer drink is very similar to White Claw and Truly.

Growing in popularity fast and found in plenty of major North American retailers such as Target, Total Wine, and others, a lot of people are wondering if this hard seltzer is gluten free . . .

Is Bud Light Seltzer Gluten Free?

The Answer is: YES*


According to the official Bud Light website, Bud Light Seltzer is labeled as gluten free and contains no artificial flavors in the USA. If you have Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy/intolerance you can be sure this seltzer with alcohol is gluten free. It’s also only 100 calories and contains less than 1g of sugar.

* Bud Light Seltzer recently launched in Canada, and unfortunately this version is NOT gluten free. The drinks contain malt and are not the same as the version of Bud Light Seltzer sold in the United States of America. Thanks to reader ‘Joe’ for the comment and letting us know! Thanks to reader ‘Laura’ for also letting us know they do offer a vodka based version at the LCBO that is free from gluten ingredients. For any Canadians looking to try this, check out the vodka based version!


See more about the Canadian Bud Light Seltzer launch here:


Bud Light Seltzer Flavors

All gluten free in the United States.

  • Black Cherry

  • Lemon Lime

  • Strawberry

  • Mango


bud light seltzer flavors

Photo: Bud Light




“The seltzers are made with sparkling water, real cane sugar and natural fruit flavours, according to a statement from AB InBev, and come in four varieties; black cherry, mango, lemon lime and strawberry.”

Source: The Drinks Business

Nutritional Information

The seltzers contain 100 calories, 5% ABV, 2g of carbs and <1g of sugar, according to AB InBev.

For more information head over to:

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    • Hey Joe, thanks a lot for the comment! It’s pretty wild they would do that, but not entirely surprising. Updating our article now. Thanks again!

  1. Bud Light Seltzer is sold in two varieties in Canada: malt-based at The Beer Store and vodka-based at the LCBO. The latter is not certified but is free from gluten ingredients! Please correct your statement.


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