Are Cheetos Gluten Free?

Cheetos are a popular cheese flavored cracker snack food produced by Frito-Lay. The tasty, crunchy snack comes in a variety of flavors, from flaming hot to salsa con queso.

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Cheetos are popular all over the world and are eaten by millions which is why we decided to answer the question:


Are Cheetos Gluten Free?

The answer is: YES


According to the official Cheetos nutritional facts, Cheetos are confirmed gluten free. This includes a wide variety of Cheetos flavors, including but not limited to:

  • Cheetos Puffs
  • Cheetos Flamin’ Hot
  • Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Limon
  • Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno
  • Cheetos Crunchy Salsa Con Queso
  • Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Flavored Fries
  • Baked Cheetos
  • Baked Cheetos Flamin’ Hot

You can view an official document confirming the products have been tested to under 20ppm from PepsiCo Food Service here. PepsiCo owns Frito-Lay. This document is signed by Jan Ruegg, from the Nutrition Science department of PepsiCo.


Cheetos Crunchy Nutritional Facts

cheetos nutritional facts

Photo: Frito-Lay North America


cheetos confirmed gluten free

Photo: PepsiCo


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Cheetos Nutritional Facts

You can learn more about every single Cheetos flavor and product from the Frito-Lay website. Simply click through the products and find what flavor you are looking for from this landing page to view the nutritional facts. Use the Cheetos store finder to locate a store near you where you can purchase the snacks.

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