Is Fudge Gluten Free?

Fudge is a popular type of candy, that primarily consists of sugar. It’s popular all over the United States, and other parts of the world. Beginning to open in tourist destinations like Mackinac Island in the 1880s, fudge shops have long been a sought after spot to get treats. Many other regions are known for their types of fudge like New England, the Jersey Shore, and the Southeast.

Because fudge is so widely popular, many people are wondering . . .

Is Fudge Gluten Free?



Fudge primarily consists of these ingredients: sugar, butter, and milk

Then, the various fudge flavors are made by mixing in fruits, nuts, candies, chocolate, caramel, icing, sweets, and other flavors. Most fudge shops offer traditional flavors like vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate. These are typically gluten free based on the ingredients, but may contain gluten due to cross contamination.

Always ask the fudge shop if they have any gluten free flavors, or a separate space to prepare the flavors without gluten toppings/flavors.

Things to watch out for:

  • Certain chocolate syrups and liquors contain gluten
  • Toppings like oreos, cookies, etc. are common at fudge shops
  • Cross contamination is a big risk



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Traditional Fudge Ingredients

Fudge is made by mixing sugar, butter, and milk and then heating it to the point called the soft-ball stage. From there, beating the mixture while it cools is how you form the smooth, creamy flavor and texture.



Nutritional Information

Nutritional information varies depending on where you get fudge. But it primarily contains sugar.

Read more about what fudge is and find recipes here:

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