Is Stoli Vodka Gluten Free?

Stoli (otherwise known as Stolichnaya) is a well-known Russian brand of vodka.

Stoli® Vodka can be described as “classically styled and exceptionally smooth vodka”. Its appearance is Crystal clear in color with a hint citrus rind flavors.

Let’s find out if this exceptionally smooth vodka contains gluten…

Is Stoli Vodka Gluten Free?


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Stolichnaya Vodka

(Also, be sure to check out the STOLI Gluten-Free Premium Vodka!)

*The Stoli Vodka product range consists of a diverse range of flavors. Here is a list of most of the vodkas within the range:

  • Stoli Premium Vodka
  • Stoli Lime
  • Stoli Gold
  • Stoli Cucumber
  • Stoli Blueberi
  • Stoli Ohranj
  • Stoli Razberi
  • Stoli Vanil
  • Stoli Strasberi
  • Stoli Citros
  • Stoli Peachik
  • Stoli Hot
  • Stoli Salted Karamel
  • Stoli 100 Proof Premium Vodka
  • Stoli Crushed Strawberry
  • Stoli Rushed Pineapple
  • Stoli Crushed Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Stoli Crushed Mango
  • Stoli Spirit Of Stonewall Limited Edition Bottle
  • Stoli Gluten Free

Note: Only their most recent addition –Stoli Gluten Free, which is clearly labeled in a distinctive green bottle is gluten-free. It is harvested from fertile corn and buckwheat fields, the result is a gluten-free vodka that maintains an exceptionally smooth taste that is synonymous with the Stolichnaya brand.

Facts about Stoli Vodka (Source)

  1. The ownership of Stolichnaya has been disputed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union between Russian state-owned company FKP Soyuzplodimport and SPI Group, a private company founded and owned by Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler.
  2. The bottle label features the words “Stolichnaya vodka” in gold cursive script over a drawing of a Moscow landmark, the recently rebuilt Hotel Moskva.
  3. In Eminem’s 2010 music video for “Love the Way You Lie”, Stolichnaya vodka was included in several scenes. The product placement begins with actor Dominic Monaghan shoplifting a bottle of the vodka, after which he and actress Megan Fox drink from it on the roof of the liquor store.

For more information on Stolichnaya and their range of vodka, head over to the official website here.

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