Is Dolmio Pasta Bake Sauce Gluten Free?

Similar to their Bolognese Sauce, Dolmio’s Pasta Bake Sauce is a naturally-sweetened blend of sun-ripened tomatoes, herbs and spices without the need for added sugar. It is ideal for making lasagna or pasta bake

Want to keep the family happy at dinner time? Then try our range of scrumptious DOLMIO® pasta bakes! Sit back and relax in anticipation of a deliciously creamy oven bake pasta dish your entire family will love.

Dolmio Pasta Bake is available in 4 main sauce flavours:

  • Creamy Tomato and Mozzarella
  • Three Cheese
  • Tuna Bake
  • Cheesy Pizza Style



All four flavors of the Dolmio Pasta Bake Sauce line are free from wheat/gluten ingredients. They also contain no artificial flavours or colours. These pasta sauces are safe to consume if you are allergic to gluten or have Coeliac Disease. See more pasta sauces on GlutenBee.

View the ingredients for each flavor here.


dolmio pasta bake sauce

Photo: Dolmio


Dolmio Creamy Tomato & Mozzarella Sauce For Pasta Bake

Tomatoes 81% (from Puree), Cream 9%, Mozzarella Cheese 3.%, Capsicum, Thickener (Modified Cornstarch), Salt, Sugar, Food Acids (Lactic, Citric), Garlic, Basil, Pepper, Oregano.

Allergens: Cream, Cheese. May Be Present Peanuts

Every 123g of sauce contains 2.6g protein, 5.1g fat, 9.5g carbohydrates, 5.1g sugar, and 595mg sodium. (Source)

Learn more about the Dolmio Pasta Bake Sauces:

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