Are Cadbury Mini Eggs Gluten Free?

Cadbury Mini Eggs not to be confused with Cadbury Creme Eggs are a milk chocolate product created and produced by Cadbury UK. It was introduced into the Cadbury company’s continuously growing line of products in 1967.

The egg is solid milk chocolate encased in a thin coating of hard candy “shell”, molded to resemble a miniature egg.

According to Cadbury, Mini Eggs are “Delicious Cadbury milk chocolate eggs, encased in a smooth and speckled crispy candy shell – delightful bites of Easter yumminess!”

Let find out if these “Delicious Cadbury milk chocolate eggs” are gluten-free.

Are Cadbury Mini Eggs Gluten-Free?

The Answer is: YES


From the list of ingredents on the label and the ingredients listed on the Cadbury website, we can confirm that Mini Eggs are gluten-free. This means Cadbury Mini Eggs do not contain any gluten ingredients and are not manufactured in a facility that processes wheat (presenting no risk of cross-contamination).


cadbury mini eggs closeup

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Sugar, Milk, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Skimmed Milk Powder, Whey Permeate Powder (from Milk), Vegetable Fats (Palm, Shea), Milk Fat, Modified Starches (Maize, Tapioca), Emulsifiers (E442, E476), Flavourings, Maltodextrin, Colours (Anthocyanins, Beetroot Red, Paprika Extract, Carotenes), Milk Chocolate: Milk Solids 14 % minimum, Cocoa Solids 25 % minimum, Contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter

Nutritional Information

Every 100g of Cadbury Mini Eggs contains 494 calories. This consist of 70g of carbs 4.2g of protein, 21g of fat, 1.6g of fiber and 0.15g of salt.

For more information on Cadbury Mini Eggs head over the Cadbury’s UK website here.

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