Best Gluten-Free Brands and Options

Gluten-free living has become much more mainstream in recent years. However, the gluten-free aisle at your local grocery store might still be a little confusing. There are so many brands and options! Which is best for you? In this blog post, we will discuss the top gluten-free brands and what they offer.

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Best Gluten-Free Brands and Options

Brazi Bites

Brazi Bites is a great naturally gluten-free product that you will fall in love with instantly. They are dough balls made with healthy ingredients with a cheesy crust. These products do not contain any preservatives or sugars and are baked for 20 minutes. Brazi Bites are best for small family gatherings or when watching a movie. You can take them with coffee, tea, or a fruit sauce.

Bob’s Red Mill

This is a purely whole-grain food brand. The manufacturers of these foods have you in mind because they make their gluten-free products with a unique taste. The foods are available in many varieties, including cereals, seeds, flours, and oats. Some of the products can be taken without cooking while the rest do not take much time to cook.

Canyon Bakehouse

If you are careful about what you eat or suffer from celiac disease, you need to make Canyon bakers your friends. Their products are naturally gluten-free and prepared with your safety and health in mind. The Canyon bread is no different from the real bread because it is spongy and fluffy. Their products include bread, oats, and cookies. You can have them with vegetables or some sauce.

Enjoy Life Foods

Enjoy life foods has been known to be the best gluten-free brand. You can come up with many recipes thanks to their products. Most of the company’s products are free from wheat, peanuts, nuts, soy, sesame, and fish. Also, they don’t contain any artificial elements or GMOs. The Enjoy life products include lentil chips, crunchy cookies, chocolate bars, mini cookies, seed and fruit mixes, and energy bits.

Happy Egg Co

This is a British company whose commitment is to avail healthy gluten-free eggs to their customers. Naturally, eggs are a good source of quality protein and also vitamin D. The eggs are creamy and have a bright yolk with an amazing taste. No better way to start your day than with a breakfast that includes the happy egg.


Mikey’s is known for making gluten-free products that have a delicious taste. The ingredients used to make the products are clean and safe for your health. This company’s ingredients include coconut flour, cassava flour, sunflower oil, and plant cheese. The list of their products includes muffins, pizzas, cheese pockets, tortillas made from healthy flour. These products allow you to try as many recipes as you would wish in your kitchen.


Mega food has come out to change the world of food by manufacturing gluten-free products. They are aware that people are desperate for good nutrition, so they have stepped forward to fill the gap. The company’s products are farm fresh supplements and multivitamins. These products help in boosting your body’s immunity and giving you a restful sleep. Also, Mega foods have products for women which increase their fertility and balance their hormones. Generally, most of their products help keep the body healthy and strong.

Three Wishes Cereals

This is the perfect solution to all your low sugar, high protein and grain-free cereals need. The company makes gluten-free cereals that are highly nutritious and healthy. Their cereal flavors include honey, cinnamon, unsweetened, and cocoa flavor. You can have the cereals for breakfast or as a snack. If you wish, you can soak them in milk or take them with vegetables.


Crunch master is where happiness and health meet, thanks to their gluten-free products. The products are made from wholesome and simple ingredients without traces of GMO, preservatives, or gluten. The list of products includes multi-grain, crisps, multi-seed, Tuscan peasant crackers, baked rice crackers, and club packs. All these products are made to meet your need for a healthy lifestyle. Also, they present you with an opportunity to try out many recipes since they go well with the sauce, vegetables, and even fruits.


BFree is a baker of quality, nutritious and tasty bread. Their bread doesn’t contain wheat or gluten, and it is made from various ingredients, including flax seeds, sunflower seeds, and buckwheat flour. Their other products include bagels, pizza crusts, wraps, and rolls made with fresh ideas. All these products are also high in fiber and low in fat and won’t give you trouble with calories. Also, if you are allergic, the products suit you because they don’t have any allergens. BFree also favors vegetarians.

Eat Smart Snacks

Eat Smart Snacks is another brand that ensures what you eat is smart and healthy. Their products are not only delicious but also fun. The ingredients used to make the snacks are free from allergen and gluten, and therefore your health will not be compromised. Their products include crisps, bites, and veggies straws.

Udi’s Gluten Free Foods

These foods are made from all natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives, including eggs and dairy products. Their products include breads (baked goods), pizza crusts, pasta dishes, muffins, cookies and more. They also offer cakes for birthdays and specialty cakes. Their products can be found in most health food stores and some national supermarket chains like Whole Foods Market and Kroger.


There are many products from which to choose, but not all of them will suit your needs. The key is finding a product that has the right ingredients for you and in the quantities that work for your body. For example, if you’re gluten-free then MegaFoods might be just what you need because they specialize in healthy supplements and multivitamins with no allergens or gluten. If on the other hand, breakfast cereals are more up your alley Three Wishes might be worth checking out since their cereal flavors include honey cinnamon unsweetened cocoa flavor (without preservatives or additives). In any case, it’s important to find something that works well with your diet so make sure to do some research before settling on one company over another.

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