Is Captain Morgan Rum Gluten Free?

Captain Morgan is a well-known household name. It is a brand of rum produced by British alcohol conglomerate Diageo. It is made and distilled from sugar cane and is usually enjoyed with coke. Captain Morgan can be found in most bars around the world where it is used by bartenders to make a variety of cocktails.

However, popularity aside, can this alcoholic drink be considered gluten-free?

Is Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum Gluten Free?

The Answer is YES*

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Captain Morgan Rums

*According to Captain Morgan, the Original Spiced Rum has no gluten ingredients but it has not been tested for trace gluten.

Typically all rums are naturally gluten-free as they are distilled from sugar cane or molasses and use no gluten-containing ingredients in the process.

It is unknown what additional ingredients are added to Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, or its flavoured counterparts, however, Captain Morgan themselves claim not to use any gluten-based ingredients – so you should be ok.

Captain Morgan Flavors

Here is a list of all the current flavors:

  • Watermelon Smash
  • Apple Smash
  • Original Spiced Rum
  • Cannon Blast
  • Loconut
  • Coconut Rum
  • Jack-o’blast
  • Pineapple Rum
  • Grapefruit
  • Black Spiced
  • 100 proof spiced
  • White Rum
  • Private Stock
  • Long Island Iced Tea

Captain Morgan Rum Facts

  1. Since 2017, the label has used the slogan “Live like the Captain”
  2. It is named after the 17th-century Welsh privateer of the Caribbean, Sir Henry Morgan who died on 25 August 1688.

For more information visit the Captain Morgan website here:

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