Epic Gluten Free Crepes in Western Massachusetts

Last weekend I was in Western Massachusetts visiting my friend Jared when we stumbled upon an amazing cafe for gluten free crepes! I wanted to share it with the GlutenBee community for anyone in the Massachusetts or New England area. It’s very close to upstate New York on that side of MA as well.

My Review

This place was epic! We tried all three crepes, the nutella and strawberries crepe, the lemon curd crepe, and the maple crepe. All three were gluten free and all three were very good. The nutella and strawberries was the best by far and the lemon curd was the worst. It wasn’t bad by any means, just a bit sour and less tasty than the other two.

Aside from the crepes, they also offer gelato, coffee, tea, and other beverages. I didn’t confirm this, but it appears to be 100% gluten free based on the menu photo here.

I definitely recommend the Red Dahlia Cafe to anyone who is looking for gluten free crepes in Western Mass. They are specifically in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts right on the entrance to the Bridge of Flowers. It’s a very cool area to explore!


Photos of the Food and Area

Keep scrolling to check out photos of these delicious gluten free crepes, along with a photo of the Bridge of Flowers! All photos provided by Moloney Creative Agency.

gluten free crepes

gluten free crepes

gluten free crepes

gluten free crepes

shelburne falls, bridge of flowers in western massachusetts

Restaurant Info

A quick overview of this restaurant chain and what kinds of gluten free options they offer.

  • Name: Red Dahlia Cafe
  • Location we visited: Shelburne Falls, MA
  • Total Locations: 1
  • Cost: $
  • Options: Gluten Free Crepes, Coffee, Tea, Gelato
  • Online Ordering? No
  • Delivery? No
  • Website: https://www.instagram.com/reddahliacafe/


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