Is Ghirardelli Chocolate Gluten Free?

Ghirardelli Chocolate is made by The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company which is a United States division of Swiss confectioner Lindt & Sprüngli. Ghirardelli chocolates are available in a number of varieties but they are mainly known for their distinctive, delicious chocolate solid & filled squares

Lindt & Sprüngli is essentially known for their brand Lindt Lindor which creates a number of other confectionaries too.

The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company was founded by and is named after Italian chocolatier Domenico Ghirardelli.

Let’s find out if this range of chocolate is gluten-free…

Is Ghirardelli Chocolate Gluten-Free?

The Answer is:  NO* (although some products are gluten-free)



Ghirardelli Chocolate

*According to The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company website – source:

While many of our products do not contain gluten containing ingredients, some do. We are pleased to inform you that we are working on removing gluten ingredients from our recipes and hope to complete this work by 2020.

Ghirardelli have not published a concise list of which of their product contain gluten ingredients. Watch out for certain products that may contain barley malt such as the bunnies, certain squares, and other seasonal chocolates.

We will revisit our review of Ghirardelli Chocolate in 2021 and hope to have a definitive answer from The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. In the meantime here is a list of the categories of chocolate products that the company makes:

  • Chocolate Squares
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Custom Mix
  • Baking
  • Hot Cocoa
  • Summer Gifts

More information on all these products and more an be found on the Ghirardelli website here:

6 thoughts on “Is Ghirardelli Chocolate Gluten Free?”

  1. It’s 2020, the end of 2020.

    Could you “revise” the article as mentioned?

    This bookmark is taking up so much space on my browser, waiting and waiting for an answer. /s 🙂

  2. I am pretty sure the Ghirardelli Easter bunny got me! I Thought that the squares would be gluten free as they list nothing bad, but they are in fact made on the same lines (although they clean the lines between production) as some bars containing barley malt (which as it is not one of the 8 major allergens, is not listed). I got glutened twice before I realised it was possibly trace gluten from the chocolate! Wish they had listed a ‘ may contain’ like many manufactures do. May be ok for some GF folks but not suitable for Celiacs. Ouch! 😒

    • So sorry to hear that Gwen, but thanks a lot for your comment. We will add an additional edit to our post to inform readers with Celiac Disease. Hope you feel better soon.


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