Is Glucose Syrup Gluten Free?

Glucose Syrup is a common ingredient found in a lot of processed foods, candies, chocolates, prepared meals, and other products from the store.

What is Glucose Syrup?

Glucose Syrup is a syrup made from the starch of corn, potatoes, wheat, or less often barley, rice, and cassava. Also known as confectioner’s glucose, this syrup is used to thicken and sweeten food products. It’s often an additive ingredient, and is very similar to other syrups like high fructose corn syrup.

Being so commonly used in food and drink products by thousands of brands, many people are wondering . . .

Is Glucose Syrup Gluten Free?



Glucose Syrup is commonly made from corn or wheat. Because it is not often clear or may be mixed sources, we deem this ingredient to be relatively high risk for people with Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy/intolerance. Many times, products will not fully label where the glucose syrup comes from and whether it was derived from corn, wheat, etc.

If a product is certified gluten free, or even just has a gf label, and has glucose syrup, it’s likely from corn or potatoes. But, if you come across a questionable product without a gluten free label, be cautious with any products containing glucose syrup.


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Glucose Syrup Ingredients

Made from the syrup of corn, wheat, potatoes, or less commonly barley, rice, and cassava. (source)


Glucose Syrup Nutritional Facts

1 serving of glucose syrup (22g) contains 62 calories, 16.9g carbs, 0g protein, and .044g fats. (source)

Read more about glucose syrup and the various uses in this informative article from Healthline:

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