Is Hotel Chocolat Gluten Free?

Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier and cocoa grower, with over seventy shops in the United Kingdom. Hotel Chocolat is the only company in the United Kingdom to grow cocoa on its own plantation.

When the very first Hotel Chocolat shop opened its doors to guests in North London in 2004, it was the start of a revolution in British chocolate. Two entrepreneurs, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris, were on a mission to make chocolate exciting again.

Today, Hotel Chocolat has 103 shops as well as cafés and restaurants, along with a hotel on their working cocoa plantation in the Caribbean.

Is Hotel Chocolat Gluten Free

Answer: YES*

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Hotel Chocolat Store

Hotel Chocolat Chocolates

*Hotel Chocolat has a wide range of chocolate products to choose from. To be sure you purchase gluten-free chocolates, check out their new Free From range chocolate which is free from dairy, nuts, gluten, and wheat.

The Hotel Chocolat Free From chocolate is free of gluten, made in an environment that doesn’t handle gluten, so there is no possibility of cross-contamination from gluten traces. It is suitable for people with nut allergies and intolerances and nut-restricted diets.

It’s always great to know when a brand understands the importance of gluten-free products!

Nutritional Information and Ingredients

Hotel Chocolat has a wide range of chocolates. Check out their website and if you are specifically looking for gluten-free products, their Free Form range is just that.

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