Is San Pellegrino Gluten Free?

S.Pellegrino is a 120-year-old Italian natural mineral water brand.  It is owned by the company Sanpellegrino S.p.A., who produce most of their beverages from San Pellegrino Terme in the Province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Italy.

S.Pellegrino is not only well known for mineral water but has more recently become well known for its range of Sparkling Fruit Beverages.

Let’s find out if this popular Italian natural mineral water brand is gluten-free.

Is San Pellegrino Gluten-Free?

The Answer is: YES*

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San Pellegrino Drinks Range

*Our team at GlutenBee looked at the ingredients list for each S.Pellegrino product and can confirm that all products are made from natural non-gluten-containing ingredients that are safe for those that are sensitive to gluten.

We also find it difficult to find a definitive answer. There if you have celiacs disease or are particularly sensitive to gluten, we recommend that to read the ingredient list just to make sure, as ingredients and manufacturing processes with major beverage brands such as S.Pellegrino regularly change.

Here is a list of the S.Pellegrino product range:

Natural Mineral Water

  • S.Pellegrino® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
  • S.Pellegrino® Essenza™ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water – Tangerine & Wild Strawberry
  • S.Pellegrino® Essenza™ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water – Dark Morello Cherry & Pomegranate
  • S.Pellegrino® Essenza™ Sparkling Natural Mineral Water – Lemon & Lemon Zest

Sparkling Fruit Beverages

  • ACQUA TONICA – Sanpellegrino Tonic Water with Citric Notes
  • ARANCIA E PERA – Sanpellegrino Arancia e Pera with fresh oranges and pears
  • ARANCIATA – Sanpellegrino Aranciata: the famous Italian aranciata
  • ARANCIATA AMARA – Sanpellegrino Aranciata Amara sparkling drink
  • ARANCIATA ROSSA – Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa sparkling drink
  • CHINOTTO – Sanpellegrino Chinotto Mediterranean cult drink
  • CLEMENTINA – Sanpellegrino Clementina: southern Italy scent in a drink
  • FICODINDIA E ARANCIA – Sanpellegrino Ficodindia e Arancia cloudy-rose colored drink
  • LIMONATA – Sanpellegrino Limonata: the famous Italian limonata
  • LIMONE E MENTA – Sanpellegrino Limone e Menta: perfect balance between sour and sweet
  • MELOGRANO E ARANCIA – Sanpellegrino Melograno e Arancia: the perfect summer drink
  • POMPELMO – Sanpellegrino Pompelmo: discover its unique taste

For more information on S.Pellegrino Natural Mineral Water head of to the official website here:

You can also get more information on S.Pellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages you can check out the official website here:


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