Is Sour Punch Gluten Free?

Sour Punch is a brand of candy manufactured by the American Licorice Company. They are also known for producing and distributing another popular candy; Red Vines.

Sour Punch candy is available in 4 types of candy:

  • Bits
  • Bites
  • Staws
  • Twists

All the above types of Sour Punch candy are available in a variety of flavours as well as assorted packs including Apple, Strawberry, Blue Rasberry, Cherry, and Watermelon – source.

Let find out if this candy is gluten-free and safe for coeliacs to enjoy.

Is Sour Punch Gluten Free?

The Answer is: No

Recommended Gluten Free Cook Books:

Sour Punch

We took a careful look at all the Sour Punch products and most of them contained wheat. Each pack is clearly labelled with allergens. We can therefore safely advise that you avoid ALL Sour Punch products.

Here is a list of some of the popular Sour Punch products:

  • Sour Punch® Straws, Rainbow Flavors, Sweet & Sour Chewy Candy Tray
  • Sour Punch® Twists 6” Assorted Flavor Individually Wrapped Candy Tub
  • Sour Punch® Bites Strawberry Flavor Bag
  • Sour Punch® Twists, Sweet & Sour Individually Wrapped 6” Candy Pieces Tub
  • Sour Punch Straws Variety 6 Pack Trays
  • Sour Punch® Mini Bites Share Me®, Assorted Flavors Bag
  • Sour Punch® Mini Bites Share Me®, Tropical Blends Bag
  • Sour Punch Mini Bites Ragin’ Red Flavors Bag
  • Sour Punch® Bites®, Assorted Flavors Bite Size Chewy Candy Pieces Bag
  • Sour Punch Bites Tropical Blends Bag

You can access a complete list of all Sour Punch products on their website here:



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