Is J&B Whisky Gluten Free?

J&B Rare is a Scotch whisky that brings together 42 single malt and grain whiskys and carefully blends them to create a subtle, smooth and complex flavor.

Its unique taste; sweet, with a touch of smoke & peat, and distinctive character make it the world’s ‘party whiskey’ but also one of the biggest names in the blending market, with over 6 million cases a year sold worldwide,

Let find out if this ‘party whiskey’ is gluten-free.

Is J&B Rare Whisky Gluten Free

The Answer is: No, May contain gluten*

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J&B Rare Scotch Whisky

*While the distillation process can potentially remove the gluten content, we cannot determine this to be safe for people with Celiac and gluten allergies.

The fact that this Whisky is made from 42 single malt and grain whiskies also make it difficult to provide a definitive answer.

Although whiskeys such as J&B Rare are derived from wheat, barley, or rye, the distilling process removes the gluten proteins. With that said, many people with celiac disease choose to avoid alcohol distilled from gluten-including grains, while many others drink them with no adverse effects.

When in doubt, choose a gluten-free alternative such as Rum, Brandy, Tequila, Applejack, most Gin, Vodka, almost all Wine, Hard Cider, and Sorghum Beer and Ale. You can also check out our complete list of gluten-free alcoholic drinks here.

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