Is Campbell’s Soup Gluten Free?

The Campbell Soup Company is an American producer and icon within the US food industry. They are mainly known for producing canned soups and related products that are sold in 120 countries around the world.

In this review, we will be focusing on Campbell’s Soups. Let’s find out if they are gluten-free:


Is Campbell’s Soup Gluten-Free?

The Answer is: NO

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Campbell’s Soups are not gluten-free. The company has a strict two-step process for classifying a product as gluten-free. Firstly, they verify all the ingredients are free from any contamination from gluten ingredients. Secondly, they analyze the finished product to make sure it is also free from any gluten.

Although the soups are not gluten-free, a large selection of Campbell’s Soup Company’s range of products is certified as gluten-free. The company has made it super easy and listed every product in their portfolio of over 100 products that are gluten-free in this PDF.

Which Campbell’s Soups are gluten free?

Here are some notable gluten free options from Campbell’s family of brands:

  • Campbell’s Tomato Juice

  • Swanson Beef Broths

  • Swanson Chicken Broths

  • Swanson Vegetable Broths

View the rest of the gluten free products list from Campbell’s.

Campbell's tomatoe juice can

Photo: Campbell’s Tomato Juice


Interesting Facts About Campbell’s Soups

  1. The company was started in 1869 by Joseph A. Campbell, a fruit merchant from Bridgeton, New Jersey, and Abraham Anderson, an icebox manufacturer from South Jersey. They produced canned tomatoes, vegetables, jellies, soups, condiments, and minced meats.
  2. In 1962, artist Andy Warhol took the familiar look of the Campbell’s soup can and integrated it into a series of pop art silkscreens during the 1960s and 1970s. The first batch in 1962 was a series of 32 canvases.
  3. Campbell’s divides itself into three divisions: the “simple meals” division, which consists largely of canned soups; the “baked snacks” division; and the “health beverage” division, which includes V8 juices. Source: Wikipedia


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5 thoughts on “Is Campbell’s Soup Gluten Free?”

  1. It is so frustrating that gluten exists in canned soups. There is quite simply absolutely no need of it. Corn starch and other available products are out there for less cost than wheat flour which in my view is poison, at best. Meanwhile millions of folks who wish to stay away from gluten won’t buy soups thereby Campbell’s which is all about profits is losing out. Who’s running that company?

  2. I totally agree about the need for gluten free soups. I was newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease and it will take some time to switch my way of eating these past 60 years. I do love my soups.

    Get with the 21st century and start thinking of some of us that cannot tolerate or choose not to ingest gluten.

    As for me, I will no longer buy Campbell’s soups until some changes are made. Obviously it doesn’t look promising in my lifetime.

  3. Is there any reason why vegetable soup is not gluten free? I agree that there is no reason for gluten to be in soups when there is the option of corn startch etc. Come on Campbells get with the times!!

    • Right Penny!? Isn’t it frustrating? I’m assuming it’s some chance of cross contamination, so Campbell’s wants to play it safe, but they really should make more of their soups GF!


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