Is Wheatgrass Gluten Free?

You may have come across wheatgrass items before when visiting health food stores or organic restaurants. It is commonly used in smoothies, drinks, and other diet products.

What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the common wheat plant (Triticum aestivum), used as a food, drink, or dietary supplement. (source)

Let’s find out if this healthy leaf product contains any wheat or gluten ingredients . . .

Is Wheatgrass Gluten Free



Yes, wheatgrass is gluten free! You might be surprised to read this, because I know I was, but wheatgrass does not contain any wheat/gluten. Instead wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

According to Wikipedia though, there is something to keep in mind. ‘Because it is extracted from wheatgrass sprouts (that is, before the wheat seed or “berry” begins to form), wheatgrass juice is gluten free, but some dietitians recommend that those with celiac disease avoid it due to the risk of cross-contamination.’


Source: GlutenBee YouTube


Wheatgrass Ingredients

Wheatgrass is the extracted sprouts from a wheat plant. It contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.


Wheatgrass Nutrition Facts

Contains protein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin C, Vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, and more.


Learn more about Wheatgrass

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