Are Bugles Gluten Free?

Are Bugles Gluten Free?

Bugles are a corn chip produced by Walkers, a British snack food manufacturer mainly operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Walkers was founded in 1948 in Leicester, England by Henry Walker, and in 1989 was acquired by Lay’s owner, Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo.

Bugles are also produced by General Mills in the United States with a slightly different recipe. Be sure to read below so you can ensure the Bugles you buy are safe to consume if you have Celiac Disease or a gluten allergy/intolerance. This article was last updated: December 31, 2019

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almondy slice

Gluten Free Product Review: Almondy Swedish Almond Cake

When it comes to gluten free sweets, Almondy takes the cake! Literally. Below I will be doing my first gluten free product review on the Gluten Bee blog.

A bit more about the new Product Reviews section of our blog before I get started. I will be doing a handful of reviews based around different products I’ve personally tested. I always struggle to find products I like, so when I do, I love to share them with people. Hopefully these reviews will help you find some new gluten free products to try from the store!

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