Is Johnnie Walker Gluten Free?

Johnnie Walker is an awarding winning scotch whiskey that originated in Scottland. The brand of whiskey was first established by a grocer named John Walker in 1820 and after 200 years is now owned by Diageo.

Diageo also owns well-known brands such as:

Let find out if this whiskey is gluten-free?

Is Johnnie Walker Gluten Free

The Answer is: YES*


According to The Whiskey Wash, Diageo, owner of Johnnie Walker whiskeys, states that they are indeed gluten-free however it is not certified gluten-free.

We can, therefore, conclude that Johnnie Walker is an ideal whiskey for you to consume. However, if you are particularly sensitive to gluten or are suffering from any form of celiac disease, you should be very cautious with drinking Jonnie Walker.

*Although whiskeys are derived from gluten-containing ingredients like wheat, barley and rye, the distilling process removes the gluten proteins.

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Johnny Walker’s classic whiskeys include:

  • Johnnie Walker® Red Label®

  • Johnnie Walker® Black Label®

  • Johnnie Walker® Double Black™

  • Johnnie Walker Island Green

  • Johnnie Walker Green Label

  • Johnnie Walker™ Gold Label Reserve™ Blended Scotch Whisky

  • Johnnie Walker® Aged 18 Years

  • Johnnie Walker® Blue Label™

For more information head over to the Johnnie Walker website here:


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